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Sod Installation


Sod is sold by the square foot, so square yards must be converted to square feet. For rectangular or square areas, simply multiply the length by the width (in feet) to get your square footage.

For odd shaped areas, either break the area down into as many measurable rectangles and squares as you can, or measure the longest and widest points and multiply. You can then subtract a small amount, but keep in mind that it is always better to have too much than not enough.

It is recommended to add 5% to your final measured amount.

-Remove existing lawn, if any
-Rototill to a depth of 4-6 inches
-Remove all weeds, clods, debris
-Add soil amendments (a Compost/Soil mix is usually recommended) (3-6 yds. per 1,000 sq. ft.)
-Rototill new soil into existing soil
-Rake and level
-Roll area with a filled water roller to compact the surface
-Apply starter fertilizer on top of surface immediately before installing sod (should say "starter" on the bag)


-Ground should be DRY when installing sod
-Start installing sod at the longest straight baseline, then work from there
-Butt the ends together, but do NOT overlap
-Make sure that you stagger the seams, similar to doing brickwork
-When you have approximately 200 sq. ft. installed, lightly water it to avoid wilting and discoloration-Do NOT wait until entire lawn is installed to water!
-After all sod is installed, go over it with a roller. this will ensure that your sod has sufficient contact with the surface underneath, as well as removing any air pockets. Make sure that the roller is not excessively filled with water, otherwise it will leave imprints in your sod



Water is by far the most important ingredient in your new lawn's success. The first 2 weeks after installation, you will need to water approximately 3-4 times a dy for 10-20 minutes each watering. Note that these are merely guidelines. Adjust watering schedule according to weather conditions. the general idea is to keep it consistently moist during this period. If possible, water during the early morning hours.

-Stay off your new lawn as much as possible for the first 2 weeks.

-Do NOT fertilize your sod until it has been in for approximately 6 weeks

-do NOT mow your lawn for 2-3 weeks after installation. At first mowing, have your mower at it's highest possible setting

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